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Mosley Amateur antennas are pre-tuned, pre-drilled and color-coded for ease of assembly which means NO MEASURING!
Amateur Designs
Hand-crafted under rigid engineering standards, Mosley antennas are constructed of highly durable drawn, aluminum tubing to withstand wind loads of (EIA Standard) 80 miles per hour; and then some!

All stainless steel and non-corrosive hardware insuring longer antenna life... an average of 30 years!  Mosley antennas and antenna accessories are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

Mosley offers a variety of designs to meet the ever changing needs of Amateurs today. Hams who work both Phone and CW will appreciate the broad bandwidth characteristics of the Mosley "Trap-Master" antenna series ranging from the original "TA" series to the ever innovative "PRO" series. Excellent performance from one end of each band to the other end is obtained without retuning the beam.

Mosley invented the metal encased trap design.  Don't be fooled by these "lossy" trap theories.  If you want superior multi-band performance without the hassles of a multi-tower set up, take a good look at our "Trap Master" beams.  For more information concerning our trap design, please see our FAQ section.

In addition to the antennas herein listed, Mosley can produce a wide variety of multi-frequency Yagis, Verticals, and Dipoles as well as other single and multi-frequency configurations to meet specific requirements.  Just write or e-mail your project needs.  Information not found on our web site is available upon request.
The name meaning TOP QUALITY in communication and receiving antennas is Mosley. Mosley commercial antennas offer you little (if any) maintenance, outstanding performance, and economy. All antennas are developed to meet rigid government and military specifications for quality control.

At the Mosley factory, trained, skilled personnel produce a full line of antennas. Coil forms used in our beams are molded directly on the element sections. Traps stay on frequency in steaming jungles and deserts; in polar regions. Swaging of element sections creates a more attractive antenna, reduces wind load, eliminating possible vibrations causing metal fatigue.

The Mosley "Quality of Antenna Excellence" has become a standard to the industry. Every Mosley installation is designed using only the finest quality materials, backed by decades of antenna design and manufacturing skills.

In addition to the information posted herein, Mosley Electronics, Inc. can produce a wide variety of multi-frequency YAGIS, Verticals and Dipoles as well as other single and multi-frequency configurations to meet specific requirements.


... antennas may be cut to any desired frequency between 1 and 470 MHz. Pre-tuned designs with simple, concise instructions. Applications for aviation, commercial, military, emergency managment, homeland security, police and the fire department, industrial, emergency net, utility, forestry, marine traffic communications, and many more interesting, useful, and informative broadcast applications.

You are cordially invited to submit your antenna problem to our competent engineering staff. Prompt evaluations and proposals will be made along with price quotations and delivery times.

Whether your requirement can be met by one of our cataloged antennas or by a CUSTOM - ENGINEERED "SYSTEM", Mosley Electronics, Inc. is anxious to serve you.
Commercial Designs
Mosley Trap Master Traps

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