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It was in 1918 in the Good Old Spark Days when Carl Mosley W0FQY became a ham.  At this time the counterpoise... an unwieldy maze of wires had been conceived as a most advanced ground system.  Now today the TA-33-M and other ham antennas created by Mosley Electronics, Inc. are the DX' ers dream.
The Mosley Story
The story of Mosley Electronics, Inc. began reasonably early in the history "The Old Man" - Carl E. Mosley - W0FQY, K0AXS of radio, in the late 1930's early 1940's, when Mosley began making adapters for the 3/4" tube socket used extensively by amateurs at this time.  The company name at this time was Mosley Electronic Specialties.  Within a few months the business, which was operated from the Mosley basement, increased to the point where outside help was needed to tem the flood of orders.

It was at this time TV stations were being built over the entire country resulting in a need for TV installation accessories such as feed-thru insulators, wall outlets, and plugs.  These items Mosley produced for the public, helping supply the growing need for commercially built TV accessories.
In 1958 the Citizens Band was introduced necessitating the development of CB antennas.  Mosley Electronics, Inc. put amateur radio antenna experience to good use by introducing a new quality line of antennas designed for the CB' er.  In 1962, Mosley Electronics, Inc. became located in West St. Louis County.  It was around this time Mosley began producing another line of antennas -- business band antennas.

Decade after decade Mosley has lead the way in design and innovation.  Present day, Mosley continues this tradition put forth some 70+ years ago by the Mosley family.
Carl Mosley
In 1951, Mosley began manufacturing the famous 'Vest Pocket' ham antenna.  It was this year the company was incorporated under the name of Mosley Electronics, Inc. with Carl E. Mosley as president; and the factory was situated in Saint Louis.  Later military and industrial antennas such as the WWV antenna for receiving time signals were developed adding another line to the already growing list of products produced by Mosley.  About 1955, the incomparable 'Trap Master' TA-33 amateur beam was introduced becoming the standard by which all Tri-Band beams would be measured.
Mosley Antenna Production
In 1998, the Amateur division was moved to a new facility in Union, Missouri. Over seven decades of quality know how and attention to detail. With worldwide distribution and expansion into other markets, Mosley continues to be a world leader in HF antenna design and construction with an average product life of over 30 years in use. 

No detail is overlooked in the constant Mosley effort to  supply the greatest antenna values possible to the Amateur Market.  It begins with the selection of materials known to be capable of surviving the rigors of world-wide climatic conditions . . . from artic icing to typhoon driven salt air. 
Mosley Production
Such materials are used in all antennas.  Quality is never sacrificed to bring a good price.Over 7 decades of quality know how and attention to detail.

Mosley offers you a wide line of Ham antennas from which to choose plus Short Wave Listening, Emergency Management, Business Band, and Commercial antennas. 

Whatever your antenna needs . . . think first of Mosley . . . the World's Leader in Quality communication antennas.

Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas
Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas
Mosley antennas are pre-tuned, pre-drilled and color-coded for ease of assembly which means NO MEASURING!

Mosley antennas
are hand-crafted under rigid engineering standards, constructed of highly durable drawn, aluminum tubing, assembled with stainless steel and non-corrosive hardware ensuring longer antenna life... an average of 30 years! 

Mosley antennas
and antenna accessories are guaranteed free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of delivery.
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